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Full digital Medium frequency Induction Heating Equipments

Full digital Medium frequency Induction Heating Equipments

  • Specifications

    Full Digital Control Medium Frequency series

    Main Specifications:

    The range of power can be produced: 100KW-2000KW


    Input voltage: 3 Phase 380V 50/60Hz

    Power retulation range: 0.1-100%

    Power factor : 0.95

    Frequency control precision: ±1.5KHz

    Start up time: 0.1Sec.

    Power stability: ± 0.1%

    Water pressure: 0.15-0.3Mpa

    Duty cycle: 100%

    Work pattern: Constant current, constant power arbitrary choice

    Control core: High performance DSP processor

    controlling means: Internal control and remote control arbitrary switching

    Operation interface: Industrial touch screen+ button

    Operating ambient temperature: 0-40℃

    The full-digital induction heating power supply has a good and reliable assembly process to withstand the toughest production environments. Mainly composed of the following parts:

    1.The full-digital controllable rectifying unit is used for transforming the three-phase 380V/50Hz power frequency power supply into a voltage-regulated DC power supply through full-bridge rectification to realize power regulation of the power supply;

    2.The filter reactor and freewheeling diode on the back of the cabinet make the current continuous and reduce the ripple component in the DC, isolate the load from the power frequency power supply, and provide a stable voltage source or current source for the inverter circuit;

    3.IGBT inverter bridge group, which is used to convert DC power into ultrahigh frequency, superaudio or Medium frequency AC power into series or parallel resonant load composed of L-C;

    4.The LC load circuit is connected in series or in parallel with the load (transformer, inductor---workpiece system) through the resonant capacitor to increase the power factor of the load and ensure the heating efficiency;

    5.The control and protection circuit provides trigger pulses and control logic for the rectifier bridge and the inverter to ensure the safe and normal operation of the power supply, which is the core of the entire power supply;

    6. The power supply cabinet adopts standard Rittal electric control cabinet, fully enclosed design, IP54 protection level, panel installation structure, water and electricity separation layout, simple to use, fast installation, convenient and intuitive debugging;

  • Main Characteristics

    Main Characteristics:

    The technical performance indicators of full-digital series IGBT medium frequency, superaudio, high frequency and ultrahigh frequency induction heating equipment produced by our company are at the domestic leading level, with the following performance characteristics:

    1. Full digital control, using DSP+FPGA to realize digital phase-locked loop control, the whole motherboard has few peripheral circuits except DSP chip and FPGA chip, which completely solves the performance fluctuation caused by temperature and parameter drift of traditional analog circuit. Extremely stable.

    2. Mature technology, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, cleverly designed a phase difference synchronous feedback loop, high startup success rate (100%), high machine efficiency (> 95.%);

    3. Good control performance, wide frequency range , smooth and continuous power adjustment (0.1-100% rated power), load using series or parallel inverter resonant circuit, simple circuit, reliable operation, easy adjustment, adaptability to load Strong adaptability to a wide range, suitable for intermittent work and long-term work system, to meet the needs of industrial sites;

    4. Frequency tracking using precise phase control method, advanced phase tracking algorithm, the phase is always optimal when heating workpieces of different sizes, which is better than similar products; at the same time, the device can display the matching degree of load in real time, when the matching degree is too bad, the device will Issue an alarm;

    5. Due to the pre-stage power adjustment, the inverter circuit always works in the quasi-resonant state, the power factor is extremely high, the IGBT is naturally soft-switched, the whole inverter circuit has very little heat generation, and the conversion efficiency is high;

    6. The dual-channel IGBT driver based on ASIC design has fault memory, fault soft shutdown and fault interlocking function to ensure IGBT work safety and never fry; the drive pulse signal from the main board to the drive board is transmitted by industrial optical fiber, which greatly improves the transmission. The reliability of the transmission, at the same time, achieves complete isolation between the main board and the main inverter circuit, and has good anti-interference ability.

    7. The control circuit adopts international famous brand integrated circuit control, full patch design, and automatic placement machine welding to ensure the circuit board is stable and reliable.

    8. The operation is simple, the power adjustment is only required to adjust the knob or given by the machine tool. It only needs to press the start and stop buttons during production. If it is connected with the machine tool, it can be automatically produced according to the program; at the same time, it can also be digitally set the output Power or current on the human-machine interface of the power supply ;

    9. Perfect protection circuit and measures, overcurrent, overvoltage (parallel inverter), overheat protection, water temperature alarm, water pressure alarm, fuse alarm, gate alarm, frequency tracking loss lock, full-featured, protection Fast and reliable;

    10. Provide dedicated low-voltage test function, which provides convenience for customer load matching and debugging. It can change the load at will, and the low-voltage circuit detects the load power resonance frequency matched by the user.

    11. The human-machine interface adopts well-known brand 10 industrial touch screen, which can display the running status and parameters of the equipment in real time, such as voltage, current, power, frequency, inverter voltage, heating time, load matching degree, motherboard temperature and other parameters, and can be sampled and stored. At the same time, you can store thousands of heating processes, just call them when you use them;

    12. The main board reserves RS485 and CAN, Ethernet and other communication interfaces for communication with the host computer, touch screen, PLC, etc.; ModbusRTU, ModbusTCP, Canopen communication protocol are supported by default;

  • Application

    Application field: high-precision heat treatment process (induction hardening, induction tempering, induction annealing, induction hardening &tempering), induction hot forging, induction preheating, induction welding, induction brazing, induction casting and so on.

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