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Models Rated output power Frequency rage Input current Input voltage Duty cycle Water flow weight Dimension
MFS-100 100KW 0.5-10KHz 160A 3phase 380V 50Hz 100% 10-20m³/h
175KG 800x650x1800mm
MFS-160 160KW 0.5-10KHz 250A 10-20m³/h
180KG 800x 650 x 1800mm
MFS-200 200KW 0.5-10KHz 310A 10-20m³/h
180KG 800x 650 x 1800mm
MFS-250 250KW 0.5-10KHz 380A 10-20m³/h
192KG 800x 650 x 1800mm
MFS-300 300KW 0.5-8KHz 460A 25-35m³/h
198KG 800x 650 x 1800mm
MFS-400 400KW 0.5-8KHz 610A 25-35m³/h
225KG 800x 650 x 1800mm
MFS-500 500KW 0.5-8KHz 760A 25-35m³/h
350KG 1500 x 800 x 2000mm
MFS-600 600KW 0.5-8KHz 920A 25-35m³/h
360KG 1500 x 800 x 2000mm
MFS-750 750KW 0.5-6KHz 1150A 50-60m³/h
380KG 1500 x 800 x 2000mm
MFS-800 800KW 0.5-6KHz 1300A 50-60m³/h
390KG 1500 x 800 x 2000mm

Main characteristics

  • Voltage feedback design and adopt IGBT based LC series resonance circuit .
  • IGBT inversion technology ,high energy conversion over 97.5% .
  • Energy saving 30%up compared with SCR technology. In series resonance circuit, induction coil with high voltage and low current, so energy loss is very low. Soft switch technology applied then switch loss is very low.
  • It can be started up 100% under any condition.
  • 100% duty cycle , 24hours continuous working ability at maximum power.
  • Less harmonic current and high power factor. Power factor always remaining 0.95 above during machine running.
  • The frequency tracking automatically technology enables power factor to remaining high level throughout heating process.
  • Good reliability, IGBT is a self turn-off transistor that ensures inversion with success and takes protection instantly; IGBT used from infineon company, world-renowned manufacturer.
  • Easy to operate and maintain, IGBT MF induction generator is easy to prevent and maintain due to its simple circuit structure. It has perfect protection.


  • A range of heating furnace, customized different type of heating furnace according customer’s requires.
  • Infarared sensor.
  • Temperature controller.
  • CNC or PLC controlled mechanical fixture for hardening application.
  • Water cooling system.
  • Pneumatic rod feeder.
  • Customized whole automatic heating system.

Main applications

  • Hot Forging/forming for large workpiece.
  • Surface hardening for large part.
  • Preheating of pipe bending.
  • Annealing of pipe welding.
  • Melting of copper aluminum and so on.
  • Shrink-fit of sleeve of roller.