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  • Specifications
    Model HF-70AB
    Max input power 70KW
    Max. input current 105A
    Heating current


    Output frequency 30-80KHz
    Input voltage 380 VAC 3-phase, 50/60Hz
    Duty cycle 100%
    Auto heating/retaining/cooling timers 1-99 seconds
    Water pressure ≥ 0.2 Mpa (29 PSI) you may use tap water and water pump (>1/4HP & >240 Gph)
    Water flow ≥10L/min (2.6 gallons)
    Water temperature <40°C
    Size (L x W x H) Generator 760x400x780mm
    Transformer 450x300x460mm
    Net weight Generator 72 kg
    Transformer 63 kg
    Packing size 860x800x920mm
    Packing weight 192kg
  • Description

    IGBT module and inverting technologies, better performance ,higher reliability and lower maintenance cost;

    100% duty cycle, continuous working is allowed at maximum power output;

    Constant current or constant power status can be selected accordingly to achieve higher heating efficiency;

    Display of heating power and heating current and oscillating frequency;

    Multi-display functions, with displays of over current, over voltage, water failure, phase failure and unfit lad and so on, machine can be protected from destroys and machines can be repaired easily.

    Simple to install, installation can be done by unprofessional person very easily, connection water and power can be finished in a few minutes.

    Light weight, small size.

    Different shape and size of induction coil can be changed easily to heat different parts.

    Advantages of the model with timer: the power and the operating time of the heating period and retain period can be preset respectively, to realize a simple heating curve, this model is suggested to use for batch production to improve the repeatability.

    The separated models are designed to fit the dirty surroundings, the generator can be put in a clean space to increase the reliability; with the small size and light weight of the separated transformer, it is convenient to use in the production line and easily assembled inside the machinery or moved mechanism.

  • Application

    Heat treatment of gear and shaft

    Heating of stainless steel parts in kitchen wares factories for shaping.

    Heating of rods for shapin

    Heating of rotors or stators for fitting.

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