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3-SationBrazing Machine

3-Sation Brazing Machine

  • Specifications
    Model 3B-25 3B-30 3B-40 3B-60 3B-80
    Power 25KW 30KW 40KW 60KW 80KW
    Input voltage 3P 380V 50/60Hz 3P 380V 50-60Hz 3P 380V 50-60Hz 3P 380V 50-60Hz 3P 380V 50-60Hz
    Heating current 200-1200A 400-1500A 400-1800A 400-2400A 400-3200A
    Cooling way Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling Water cooling
    Brazing diameter ≤φ130mm ≤φ140mm ≤φ180mm ≤φ250mm ≤φ400mm
    Aluminum thickness 1.5-2mm 1.5-2mm 1.5-2mm 1.5-2mm 1.5-2mm
    Size (mm) 1800x1100x1800 1800x1100x1800 1800x1100x1800 1800x1100x1800 1800x1100x1800
    weight 360KG 400KG 450KG 500KG 550KG
  • Description

    3-station induction brazing machine It is applicable to the welding of such electric heating products as electric heating pan, electric water kettle, frying pan and coffee pot, which can make the stainless steel plate, aluminum sheet and tubular electric heating element of different shapes and thickness form an integral part through one-off metal braze welding.

    It uses the IGBT high frequency induction heating machine to provide heating power and the pneumatic system as the drive, it has such features as stable operation, precise control, easy operation and high rate of products meeting standards, which is the most ideal equipment for manufacturing on new generation of electric heating stainless steel cookware and kitchen utensil.

    Power : 25KW . Power option: 25KW, 30KW, 40KW, 60KW,80KW


    Heating head: three heating head. Option: one /two /three /four/five

    Brazing diameter: 50-400mm

    Working process: loading pieces - heating timing - welding finished and pressure retaining till the next cycle.

    Operation method: automatic control.

  • Applications

    Electric kettle heating plate brazing

    Stainless steel pan brazing

    Electric boiler heating tube brazing

    Soybean milk maker brazing

    Coffee maker brazing

    Cooking pot brazing

    Pan bottom brazing

    Pot bottom brazing

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