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Induction Heaters Catalog

There are two main parameters of induction heating equipment, one is the output power,another is the frequency.

The depth of heat penetration into the workpiece depends on the frequency,the higher the frequency, the shallower the skin depth; the lower the frequency,the deeper the penetration.

So it is important to select the frequency of the induction heating machine according to the heating desire to achieve best heating effect.

The output power decide the heating speed, power is selected according to the weight of the workpiece and the heating temperature and desired heating speed.

Therefore,high frequency induction heating has a shallow skin effect which is more efficient for small parts. low frequency induction heating has a deeper skin effect which is more efficient for larger parts.

Our Induction heating machines are divided into five major series according to the frequency:

Medium Frequency with Parallel oscillating circuit (abbr. MF series): 1 - 20KHZ

Medium frequency with Series oscillating circuit (abbr. MFS series): 0.5-10KHZ

High Frequency series (abbr: HF series): 30-100KHZ

Super-audio Frequency series (abbr. SF series) : 8-40KHZ

Ultra-high Frequency series (abbr.UF series): 30-1100KHZ

Category Model Max power Oscilating frequency Max input current Input voltage operating voltage Duty cycle
MF series MF-15 15KW 1-20KHZ 23A 3P 380V50Hz 70-550V 100%
MF-25 25KW 36A
MF-35 35KW 51A
MF-45 45KW 68A
MF-70 70KW 105A
MF-90 90KW 135A
MF-110 110KW 170A
MF-160 160KW 240A
MFS series MFS-100 100KW 0.5-10KHZ 160A 3P 380V50Hz 342-430V 100%
MFS-160 160KW 250A
MFS-200 200KW 330A
MFS-250 250KW 380A
MFS-300 300KW 0.5-8KHZ 500A
MFS-400 400KW 650A
MFS-500 500KW 760A
MFS-600 600KW 920A
MFS-750 750KW 0.5-6KHZ 1150A
MFS-800 800KW 1300A
HF series HF-15A 7KW 30-100KHZ 32A 1P 220V/ 50Hz 180V-250V 80%
HF-15AB 7KW 32A
HF-25A 15KW 30-80KHZ 23A 3P 380V/ 50Hz 340-430V 100%
HF-25AB 15KW 23A
HF-25ABD 25KW 38A
HF-35AB 35KW 53A
HF-45AB 45KW 68A
HF-70AB 70KW 105A
SF series SF-30A-S 30KW 10-40KHZ 48A 3P 380V/ 50Hz 342-430V 100%
SF-30AB-S 30KW 48A
SF-40AB-S 40KW 62A
SF-50AB-S 50KW 75A
SF-40AB 40KW 62A
SF-50AB 50KW 75A
SF-60AB 60KW 90A
SF-80AB 80KW 125A
SF-100AB 100KW 155A
SF-120AB 120KW 185A
SF-160AB 160KW 8-30KHZ 245A
SF-200AB 200KW 310A
SF-250AB 250KW 380A
SF-300AB 300KW 455A
UF series UF-04A 4KW 100-250KHZ 15A 1P 220V/ 50Hz 180V-250V 80%
UF-05AB 5KW 0.5-1.1MHZ 15A 1P 220V/ 50Hz 180V-250V 80%
UF-06A-I 6.6KW 200-500KHZ 30A 1P 220V/ 50Hz 180V-250V 80%
UF-06A-II 6.6KW 200-700KHZ
UF-06A/AB-III 6KW 0.5-1.1MHZ
UF-10A 10KW 50-300KHZ 15A 3P 380V/50Hz 342-430V 100%
UF-20AB 20KW 20-250KHZ 30A
UF-30AB 30KW 50-200KHZ 45A
UF-40AB 40KW 60A
UF-60AB 60KW 30-120KHZ 90A
UF-100AB 100KW 150A
UF-160AB 160KW 240A