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YL Induction Melting Furnace

YL Induction Melting Furnace

  • Specifications
    Model YL-8M YL-16M
    Max input power 8KW 16KW
    Max input current 32A (40A 1phase circuit breaker required) 3-23A (25A 3 phase circuit breaker required)
    Heating current 200-600A 200-1000A
    Frequency 30-80KHz
    Voltage 1phase 220V±20%, 50/60Hz 3phase 380V±20%, 50/60Hz
    Duty cycle 80%
    Cooling water request ≥ 0.2 Mpa ≥6L/min
    Water temperature <40°C
    weight 56KG 65KG
    Size 460 x 520 x 560mm 490 x 490 x 880mm
    Melting capacity 1-3kg 1-8kg
    Max temperature 1200°C
    Cross Section mm²/per wire(copper core) 6mm² 10mm²
  • Description

    Compact Induction Melting Furnace with PID temp controller (1-8kg)

    High frequency induction heaters are the simplest design and structure. With affordable price and less maintenance, it is very popular used in jewelry casting field. Compact induction melting furnace with PID temperature controller, designed to operate between 30-80KHZ, they are great for previous metals melting and casting at an ultra fast speed (3-8minutes), such as gold, silver, copper, alloy melting.


    Advanced melting equipment for gold, silver, copper and other alloy metal melting.

    Apply MOSFET technology, big output power, stable high efficiency.

    With various protection as over voltage protection, over and current protection, insufficient water protection,over heating protection, safe and reliable.

    Digital PID temperature controller built into the unit which will prevent you from vaporizing the gold, keeping more money in your pocket.

    Adjustable melting temperature, precise control with digital temperature and current display.

    Very fast melting speed, normally in 3-6minutes.

    Quick temp rising, electricity saving, low melting cost with high efficiency.

    Cabinet casing, compact design with small size and low weight, easy operation, simple and convenient maintenance.

    Easy of use: just plug in the power and connect the water cooling system, our simple instruction allows you to use the heater in several minutes.

    Graphite crucible with jacket included for immediate use.

    Sample melting test available anytime in our factory.

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