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Ultrahigh Frequency Series

  • Description

    With high frequency up to 300KHZ the quenching thickness can be controlled lower than 1mm, and very thin and tiny parts can be easily heated.

    IGBT and current inverting technologies have been used; higher reliability and lower maintenance cost.

    100% duty cycle, continuous working is allowed at maximum power output.

    Constant current or constant power status can be selected accordingly to achieve higher heating efficiency;

    Display of heating power and heating current and oscillating frequency.

    Simple to install , installation can be done by unprofessional person very easily;

    Light weight, small size;

    Different shape and size of induction coil can be changed easily to heat different parts.

    Advantages of the model with timer: the power and the operating time of the heating period and the retain period can be preset respectively, to realize a simple heating curve, this model is suggested to use for batch production to improve the repeatability.

  • Applications

    Heat treatment of gear and shaft

    Steel and stainless steel screw coatingt

    Floating melt for institute or college research

    Tiny or powder material melting

    Copper joint brazing

  • Specifications
    Model UF-10A
    Output frequency 50-300KHz
    Max input power 10KW
    Max. input current 15A
    Heating current 3-28A
    Input voltage

    380v 3p

    Duty cycle 100%
    Auto timer 0.1-99.9seconds
    Water pressure ≥ 0.2 Mpa
    Water flow ≥3L/min
    Water temperature <35°C
    Generator size 520x260x450
    N.W. 29kg
    Packing size 680x360x600
    Packing weight 56kg
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