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Brake Ring Heating Machine

  • Application: Mainly used for heating brake ring of motorcycle alloy wheel.

    This special machine used in motorcycle Aluminium wheel hub brake ring heating, with environmental protection, energy saving, safety, smooth workpiece surface, no oxide layer and other advantages, is the most ideal heating mode.

    Max ring size:Ø160mm x 40mm

    Temperature: 200-700ºC adjustable, process temperature:500-600ºC  

    Working hours per day: 24hours.

    Power supply: 3phase, 380V 50/60Hz

    Power: 50KW

  • Specifications

    1.Input voltage: 3phase 4 lines, 380V 50/60Hz (3phase 340-440V is available)

    2.Min. 100A 3phase circuit breaker required

    3.Power cord: Cross Section mm2/per wire (copper core): 16mm2

    4.Frequency range: 10-40KHz

    5.Water temperature protection point: 45ºC

    6.Max.input power:50KW

    7.Secondary current adjustable range: 0-100A


    9.Duty cycle: 100%

    10.Heating time: 25seconds reach process request.

    11.Heating time: 0-999second

    12.Heating temperature display: 0-1000ºC

    13.Control mode: manual/auto

    14.Cooling water flow: 32L/min

    15.Water pressure:0.2Mpa

    Main configuration:

    Touch screen PLC control.

    infrared temperature controller

    Air cylinder

    Switch start system (put workpiece automatically heating)

    Up and down system.

  • Features

    1.IGBT all solid state IGBT inversion technology, high-efficient conversion.

    2.Phase locking looping technology and soft switch ensure good reliability, realize power and frequency tracking automatically, stepless power adjustment.

    3.Complete self-protect functions, over-current, over-voltage, over hot, water shortage, phase failure and other alarm indicator, and automatic control and protection.

    4.Low energy consumption, converts up to 97.5% above of the expended energy into useful heat. energy saving 15%-30% compared with SCR induction heating equipment and other traditional heating methods.

    5.Easy installation and simple operate, connect the power and water, induction coil, can be done by unprofessional person and learn to operate in a few minutes.

    6.Good effect, heating fast and uniform heating temperature, Consistent product quality and less oxide layer.

    7.Environment friendly, no gas needed, no open flame, no additional heating. Less pollution and noise pollution which will help protect the environment, improves working conditions for your employees by eliminating smoke, waste heat, noxious emissions and loud noise.

    8.Safe eliminate high pressure, No thousands of volts high-pressure danger, security is very high, very safe for the operator.

    9.Application flexibility, easy to change induction coils to meet various size of workpieces and request.

    10.Small space occupation, light weight can beside any corollary equipment.

    11.Working 24 hours continuously with 100% duty cycle, power can be instantly turned on or shut off.

    12.Perfect protective circuit and cooling system (water+air),which ensure the good reliability of machine.

    13.Analog display of current, and Built-in digital heat timer, very visual. digitized display with operation parameters and fault indications which can providing great convenience of operation.

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