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The composing of the MF induction forging furnace

  • MF induction heating generator.
  • Compensating capacitor
  • Heating coil and guide rail and coil cover.
  • Pneumatic rod feeder.
  • Working table and stander.


  • Infrared sensor,
  • Temperature controller.
  • Automatic rod picking and feeding systems.
  • Water cooling systems.
  • Others.

Main Applications

MF induction forging machine is used for heating of bars and rods larger than Φ15mm or quadrate or other shape stuff in the shaping of screws, nuts, valves, locks and other metal parts, the material can be steel ,stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum and so on, that used for whole heating, partial heating or middle part heating.

Typical applications

Whole rod heating manual feed end heating、Auto-feed end heating 、end or middle part heating

Main features of the MF induction forging machine

  • Wide frequency range from 1KHZ to 20KHZ, frequency can be designed to satisfy different size of the heated workpiece. And the actual frequency is depended on the coil and the compensating capacitor designed. When heating small rods, frequency can be designed higher to achieve high heating efficiency, but to heat the thick rods, lower frequency is needed to maintain heat penetrating.
  • The heating coil can be 500mm to 1 meter and up, 5 to 10 pieces are heated at the same time to make sure the penetrating effect. Coil size is depended on the rod size, and coils can be easily changed.
  • In the continuous heating process, the load inside the coil is stable, thus to overcome the great heating power change caused by the great change of the load during the heating course from cool to 1100℃, the actual power can reach more than 85% of the rated power of the induction billet heater.
  • Pneumatic rod feeding system is applied, only the heating power and the feeding speed are adjusted to send the rod out continuously by step. It is very convenient to operate.
  • Even when heating non-ferrous metals like copper or aluminum, the actual power can also reach more than 85% of the rated power of the induction billet heater by design the coil properly and match the compensating capacitor correctly. 3.5KG copper or brass can be heated to 700℃ per kilowatt in an hour.
  • compared with SCR medium frequency generator, our MF induction forging machine is more efficient and consumes about 15-20% less power. and it is small size, easy maintenance.

Main models and heating ability

Models Max inputpower Recommend application Heating ability of normal material
Heating ability of normal material Copper or brass to 700℃
MF-35 induction forging furnace 35KW Φ15-30 rod heating 1.25KG/min 1.75KG/min
MF-45 induction forging furnace 45KW 1.67KG/min 2.33KG/min
MF-70 induction forging furnace 70KW Φ15-50 rod heating 2.5KG/min 3.5KG/min
MF-90 induction forging furnace 90KW Φ25-50 rod heating 3.33KG/min 4.67KG/min
MF-110 induction forging furnace 110KW 4.17KG/min 5.83KG/min
MF-160 induction forging furnace 160KW Φ50 up rod heating 5.83KG/min -----------
MF-240 induction forging furnace 240KW Φ50-80 rod heating 9.2KG/min -----------
MF-300 induction forging furnace 300KW Φ50-80 rod heating 11.25KG/min -----------

MF induction forging furnace with infrared temperature controller

Used for materials such as copper and aluminum which have small gap between forging temperature and melting point.and also used for the occasion when forging temperature is needed to be accurately controlled.


  • By detecting the rod temperature at the outlet of the induction coil, the heating power is controlled by the temperature controller device, such to control the temperature of the rod.
  • Melting of rods inside the induction coil will not happen any more by the using of infrared sensor and temperature control device. The operating is eased, at the same time, repair of the induction coil is decreased greatly.
  • It is especially important and necessary to use infrared sensor when heating brass and aluminum rods of which the forging temperature and melting point is very near. The forging temperature of brass is about 700℃ and melting point about 900℃, the forging temperature of aluminum is about 450-500℃ and melting point about 660℃, in the continuously heating and feeding process, it is likely to happen that the rods melt inside the induction coil due to to careless of operator,. To install the infrared sensor is the only way to solve this problem.

Rod induction forging furnace with auto-feed system

Used for the automatically heating of steel, brass, aluminum and other metal rods.


  • Whole processes including the rod picking up, rod selecting, rod pushing and rod sending out, heating and temperature controlling are all automatically controlled by PLC device.
  • A wide range of rod size from Φ20 to Φ60 and length from 50 to 250mm.
  • The temperature of the rod can be exactly controlled to achieve high quality of the parts.